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About KADO

The Keys Association of Dive Operators (KADO) is an organization of dive professionals located throughout the Florida Keys who share a common mission of providing safe, courteous service to their dive clientele.  An additional, but no less important goal, is to protect the marine environment with safe boating and mooring practices and purposeful, ecologically sound dive and snorkel protocols practiced by both staff and customers.  

KADO has been instrumental in sinking a number of shipwrecks throughout the Florida Keys to serve as artificial reefs and will continue to do whatever is possible to enhance the underwater attractions of the Florida Keys for locals and visitors alike.

KADO has the additional mission to provide for the economic well being of its members.  In the past, KADO has been a strong voice unifying local dive interests against potential problems with national certifying agencies, has worked assiduously with FADO (Florida Association of Dive Operators) and other organizations on insurance initiatives, and has worked in close council on advertising projects to promote the Florida Keys.  KADO has been a major force in the shipwreck programs throughout the Florida Keys, and now that the Internet has become such an important promotional vehicle for all businesses, KADO is formulating Web cooperative ventures to assure KADO members get maximum promotional benefits for the best possible price.

KADO is there for its members in terms of business practices, professionalism, and promotion.  Please be there for KADO.  Join today and get involved.

Keys Association of Dive Operators
3128 N. Roosevelt Blvd.
Key West, Florida 33040
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